Pain Type: There are two types of spinal stenosis – cervical and lumbar. Lumbar spinal stenosis is much more common and happens in the lower back. Degeneration of the spine occurs as we age and in turn, the spinal nerve roots in the lower back are compressed. When the spinal column narrows, pressure is put on the openings where the nerves of the spine leave the column. Pain felt due to spinal stenosis usually occurs in the low back, buttock, and may travel down the leg as it does with sciatica.

Symptoms: Leg pain, low back pain, buttock pain, thigh and calf pain, tingling, numbness in the leg, cramping, weakness. Typically, movements such as walking or standing will cause more pain while sitting or leaning forward will lessen the pain.


Epidural Steroid Injection: An injection will be given in the space around your spinal nerves containing medication and/or anesthetic.
Narcotics, Non-Narcotics, Muscle Relaxants, Physical Therapy