Advanced Pain Management now offers physical therapy at our Glendale, Avondale, Phoenix and Downtown Phoenix locations. Our physical therapy team offers state of the art techniques and a variety of exercise and physical therapy treatments to our patients. Our team will evaluate your condition and design a rehab program to work along with your other treatments. Ultimately our goal is to reduce your pain. Some of the services offered through physical therapy are:

Manual Therapy – A hands on approach to help your body heal itself by mobilizing joints and soft tissue to bring those problem areas back to balance. They also do soft tissue massage for patient comfort and to prove mobility.

Exercise – Patients will perform exercises to strengthen areas of weakness and instability to take pressure off the joints and allow for normal movement which reduces discomfort.

Education – Patients will learn to maintain imporvement in their movement and a home exercise program postural education, training, and strategies to do activities in ways that will not irritate their pain.