Rectal Pain

Chronic pelvic pain or rectal pain symptoms can be reduced by a procedure known as a ganglion impar block, which blocks nerve impulses. The part of the body known as the ganglion impar is located at the level of the coccyx. Treatment includes: Ganglion Impar Block

Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain is sometimes caused by the pudendal nerve which is located in the pelvis. Many symptoms can occur when there is an issue with the pudendal nerve such as: vaginal pain, bladder and anal incontinence, chronic constipation, rectal pain, sexual dysfunction, and phantom pain in lower regions of the pelvis, vulva, anus and perineum. Treatment includes: Pudendal Block

Testicular Pain

When dealing with testicular, groin, labia, and inner thigh pain, the ilioinguinal nerve may be to blame. This nerve starts at the lumbar spinal nerve (first low back) and wraps around the upper ridge of the hip bone down into the groin. Treatment includes: Ilioinguinal Block